Another Angel in Heaven Poem

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Another Angel's Up In Heaven

Another Angel's Up In HeavenBy: Marlene Draper
God gave another set of wings today,to a lovely angel up above,a very special friend of ours,who we all knew and grew to love.He knew what he was doing,when he took her by the hand,you see he needed one more angel,to play a golden harp in heavens band.I know it's hard to understand,it may seem impossible for us,the fact she's with the angels,singing in the heavenly chorus.I know she's happy with him,for he has wrapped her in his love,she's smiling down upon us,sending blessings from above.We're not sure when it will happen,because our life on earth is left to fate,I know when it's time for us to go,she will be waiting at the gate